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When You Believe Something, You have made it true for you

“When you believe something, you have made it true for you.”  When we try to hold opposing thought systems as both true, our mind becomes split, conflicted and confused. ACIM

What do you believe?

What do you believe about you?

What do you believe about the world?

What do you believe about YOUR world?

If you don't know what you believe, look at your actions, look at your life

Your actions and your life reflect your beliefs

and the beautiful thing about this is if you can acknowledge that then you are on your way to peace

If you acknowledge and accept that your beliefs are working, then you can enjoy the moment, you can take the gifts and lessons into a new adventure, you can share.

If you can acknowledge and accept that your beliefs are not working, you can make movements to replace those beliefs with ones that work. Not working means - you are not living a peaceful life.

Your beliefs are true for you. and therefore you will live from that space

What do you believe?


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Do You Really Know?

To know is to be certain. Uncertainty means that you do not know. Knowledge is power because it is certain, and certainty is strength. Perception is temporary.  ACIM

Confessions on the journey... People telling me "I know" yet acting uncertain is something I am working on to not get pissed off about - hey, I am not an enlighted master, cut me some slack?

To know is to be certain - according to A Course in Miracles, I interpret that to mean that you are sure, you are confident, you are moving forward doing what needs to be done, you are doing what is required, confident and assured that it is the best thing for you despite what it seems to others, if it is totally illogical to you, minus ego and fear.

How can you say you know when you continue to do things that are not in your best interests, emotionally and physically?

How can you saw you know while you continue to eat the foods that are harmful to your health?

How can you say you know while you continue to spend money that you do not have to either keep up with the so called Jones or to fill voids?

How can you say you know while you continue to not have boundaries?

How can you say you know when you continue to facilitate toxic relationships?

How can you say you know when you continue to think and act in lack and limitation?

How can you say you know when you don't?


Don't get me wrong, I am in no way saying one has to know it all, what I am saying is, stop saying you know and take that time to speak to the Universe, to pause, to get to know

I say " Universe, help me, I do not know but I am willing, guide me"

Everytime we say we know when we don't know we add a layer of guilt on, we add a level of self betrayal 

I ask "who do I want to be today? and what do I need to do be who I want today?"

Do I want to be loving? then I have to do loving actions

Do I want to be a liar? No not really

Do I want to be healthy today? Then I do healthy things....today

and guess what, the days add up

sometimes on the day I get it wrong, but I know practice makes masters so I keep practising.


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Are You Ready To Thrive?

"You Cannot use the Same Tools You Used To Survive to Thrive" - Ebonee Davis


When you are in survival mode you do whatever it takes to survive - so if you are starving you may have to eat something totally out of the ordinary especially if that it is all that there is. available. It may be a case of life and death, literally. Same thing with surviving a death, a breakup, a trauma. The tools you require will be made available to you and when you are healed  or moving past the survival a different set of tools are required

The challenge begins when we use our survival tools over and over in a non survival zone

Newsflash - you require new tools babee!

You can use them - but its like putting in a screw with a hammer  or driving with the handbrakes up - you will eventually get there but with some jerks (sometime literal ones as well)


Put down the hammer, put down the handbrakes

Drive that babee to the max

It's time to thrive

You've survived peeps!

Now act like you know

Go out there and get the required tools, get aligned with the people who are on the same page, who are supporting the vision, who are growing, get the required mindset. Get ready to thrive


As soon as you switch gears, watch how things change

things are going to change

and you know we humans who belive that we control everything. You know how we feel about change!

The choice is yours

I'm ready to thrive




Don't Push The River

Do not push the river. Wait. Neale Donald Walsh

Waiting is more than just passing time in between you having a thought and turning it into something real

Waiting is more that the time between events

Waiting is about the how!

How do you wait? The how makes a difference

Do you wait with a frown or a smile? I tapping of feet or signing of song?

Do you wait with a litany of complaints?

Do you wait with a song?

How do you wait?

I have learnt that waiting is a demonstration of faith, trust and patience. That waiting is a demonstration of self belief, compassion and respect. It also demonstrates how much you believe in your vision and it's manifestation!

So how do you wait?


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You Have The Capacity To See Beyond Where You Are

You have to have the capacity to see beyond where you are

We livein a very mechanistic society that puts us in a fix it mode so we start with the problem, we focus on it then we try to figure out how we can change the problem so all of our attention goes to the problem.

You want to getsomewhere?


You can’t have all your attention on the problem - Deborah L Johnson

Since the US Election last November it seems like the focus is on the negative and the fear and the disbelief that came along with the fact that the US has a new President. My friends  many of who live in the US has expressed their shock and disbelief. I myself, when I heard the news, could not believe it, I remember the moment I heard I was in London Heathrow checking in for a flight to Nairobi, it was the talk of the day.

I said then and continue to say it, that it is a giant wake up call with the loudest alarm that takes no snooze. 

It became apparent to me again after hearing about the withdrawal of the US from the Climate Change agreement this week. And then it hit me, why do we wait on so called leaders to do something when we can do something, anything ourselves

Rather than moan about it ad nausea what can I do to be responsible about protecting the planet?  Can I compost? Can I use less or no plastic bags? Can I recycle? There must be something  within my own power that I can do to ensure that I respect and honor where I live on planet Earth?

These actions do not call for any signing of agreements by any world leaders

Come on people, let us recognise that we really do have the power

Do something!

Because every little action adds up

Start where you are with what you have



Are You Fueled to Live Your Truth?

Influence is measured by the ability to inspire action and create spaces that didn't previously exist.Pioneers who shift paradigms and redesign industries aren’t driven by a desire to be validated, but are instead fueled by an instinct to live their truth. Julian Mitchell

I am inspired by people who live their truth

 with no apology, no guilt,  absolutely no fear - with a sense of authenticity they show up as themselves every single time. 

Many of them did not start off that way, it took them  growing pains, heartbreaks,  lost friends, heck even some lost family members as well but they persevered and knew that behind all of that there was a peace that passes all understanding.

Living your truth takes courage, it really is not about being a jerk and saying whatever is on your mind no matter what. It is an intention to pay attention to that calling of your soul and move forward despite people calling you crazy and the "haters" It is the intention to be truthful and honest and open- rather than follow the crowd, be fake and live in fear -  they refuse to live out other people's fantasies and dreams.

I have never seen the status quo change anything - in fact they fight to keep things the same and then relent when things start changing around them

Be open to changing something in your own life, do something new, take a new route to the office or go to a new supermarket, start with the small things they add up to the bigger things

Usually people are afraid, they live in fear of losing "something" 

Anything you have lost on the way to living your truth is not worth keeping!

How are you creating spaces that didn't previously exist?

How do you fuel up to live your truth?


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Join in the Enoughness

Abundance is the foundation of "reality"

Reality with its inherent overflowing always has more than enough to give

There is a more than enough for our need but never enough for our greed" Richard Roer

Did you wake up this morning with the feeling that you did not get 'enough" sleep?

Then proceeded to get ready for your day with the feeling that there is "not enough" time to do all the the things on your to do list

Then the day began with "not enough" money to do or buy something?

That is how the feeling of lack starts, continues and persists

waking up daily with the feeling and belief that there is never enough.

How can you alter that mindset?  By being grateful, by knowing that there is enough

As soon as the thought enters my head especially when I wake up I reboot and say thank you for this new day, let's see what I can do with the 24 hours that I now have. 24 whole hours - how can that not be enough time?

Practice it, it becomes a habit

The feeling of lack and not -enoughness can run into every aspect of your life - it is like a wildfire if not tamed

Hoarding - not enoughness

Procrastination - Not enoughness

Busyness - Not enoughness

Waiting for the money to do it- Not enoughness

I have learnt that there is enough to go around, it all depends on our core beliefs and our habits.

If you have anything, you have something- start there and give thanks




Drop Down and Feel

Drop down into your body and feel. Stacey Hererra

My brother Kyle Jones is a boss at breaking down this, I really wanted to share this:

During childhood, anytime verbal, physical, emotional or sexual abuse takes place, feelings are too painful to manage. - Being an adaptive species, you learned ways to not feel emotions and abandon the emotional body. 

This emotional abandonment includes:

• taking focus from your body to your head — leading to thinking rather than feeling

• constant looking for love and approval — because of feeling unloved and unworthy inside 

• getting depressed when experiencing loneliness, heartbreak or helplessness — rather than connecting to your feelings

 • striving to become an overachiever to feel better about pain - Acts of emotional abandonment work genius on the surface; but deep inside you suffer depression, anxiety, shame and aloneness.

 These feelings exist because disconnection with your emotional guidance system. Your emotions are information wanting you to tune in and stop abandoning yourself. - 

By stopping abandoning emotions, you become open to the greater reality. You go beyond the human into being. Emotional clarity dominates your experience rather than emotional slavery. -

 How To Tune In For Emotional Clarity: 

1. Understand: Emotional clarity is supreme feeling - taking responsibly for every thought and emotion presented in the moment. 

2. Establish the intention to learn from your emotions rather than intending avoiding them. The intent to learn brings compassion, strength, and healing. On the contrary, avoiding emotions brings inner conflict, unloving behavior, and emotional dependency on others. 

3. When an emotional disturbance takes place, stop what you are doing. It doesn't matter if you are at work, in class, partying or on a plane - stop and connect to what's taking place in your body. Ask: "What information are my feelings communicating right now?" Don't look for a direct answer when you ask this question - but more of an intuitive hunch, then connect, feel and heal. 


Your Soul Lives True

What you want? Your Soul may have other plans for you Deborah L Johnson

You may have heard me say it before, but I want what I want when I want it

I can bet that many of us want what we want when we want it

And isn't that what we are taught about "making it"

Going after what you want and not taking no for an answer?

How does that philosophy tie in to what our Soul wants for us?

It may not tie in because your Soul's plans trump all, whether we accept it or not

Why? Your Soul has not agenda and wants what's best for you, and it really is that simple

We get clues based on how our life is panning out

and when we ignore it life continues to give you clues.

The job, the relationships, the material things, the friends, the career, you name it

the Soul gives you clues, it is up to us to pay attention



Without Feelings You Run From You

Without feeling, life becomes: • a succession of escaping yourself — using the outside world to escape the inside world • falling victim to thoughts and emotions, which are only past memories stuck in brain and nerve cells • chasing concepts of peace, love and happiness rather than going through pain to reach emotional freedom, i.e. emotional freedom is peace, love and happiness – these experiences aren't dependent on protests, relationships or success • getting involved in emotional dependent relationships — using your partner to take responsibility for YOUR feelings - Feeling is the difference between emotional pain and emotional freedom Kyle Jones

I am doing an experiment, I am feeling all my feelings, and why is it an experiment? Because I would usually either run or stifle it, or focus on what the "problem" is and look at how to fix it. Well to be quite honest there has been some discomfort

Small things

Let me give you an example, I went to see a spoken word show on Sunday night, it was billed as the best in the country, at the premiere spot. One of the contestants forgot her lines, she was frozen on one spot, trembeling and shaking, In pulled out my phone and started texting, looking at Facebook and Instagram feeling super uncomfortable, then I realised, I cannot face this situation, I refuse to!

Default to experiment, feel the discomfort!

I put the phone away and looked at her, I looked directly at her and the feeling passed, what replaced it was a feeling of empathy and admiration - she would not quit, she stood there soldiering through the lines, hands clasped

then I felt proud, the angry because he people in the row before me was shooing her off the stage

Simple Lesson- feel the feelings, sit in the discomfort, and see where it takes you

She left the stage and I couldn't help but feel so proud of her efforts and bold in my knowledge that if I mess up I am not the only one, to soldier on and feel all the feelings


How Do You Define Success?

Many of us living relatively (or blatantly) privileged lives have created our own nouveau religion: Materialism. It’s as pervasive as any of the major world religions. And we fight, and kill, and steal, and pillage, and lie for our right to profit and consume. Same shit, different deity—the deity of the dollar (or yen, or euro…). Our mass consumption has become a weapon of mass destruction—fashioned from lies about so-called success and happiness. These lies take a damaging toll on our self-esteem, and we keep trying to inflate our worth with more stuff, more attention, more stimulation. In the Cult of Materialism, reverence for simplicity and basic consideration is a courageous act. Danielle La Porte

How do you define success? 

What does success look like to you?

What about abundance? 

What is abundance and how does it look?

Does it look like something? A particular item? A feeling? An experience?


At a meeting yesterday I sat listening to the conversation. The markers of success are profits, profits, more profits at the top it then filtered down to the staff as house, car, private schools for the children and designer gadgets. We bust our bums for things, those things are supposed to make us happy, and the absence of those things signal that we are unsuccessful. I have been caught up as well in that cycle and what I have learnt is - define your own success because playing by someone else's rules when you are not sure what the rules are is a set up for disaster

You will continue to guess

Playing by your own rules involves being comfortable in your own skin- there is no getting away from it. It involves having a vision for your own life based on your gifts, passion and determination





hoice terrifies people. Most of us will do anything to postpone making a choice, terrified of the consequence, terrified of being held accountable for the consequences, choice is a fundamental power of the human experience - Carolyn Myss

Pay attention when you have to make a choice, start with the simple things, someone may ask you to go to lunch, where do you want to eat. Watch your response

"Oh Wherever I don't know"

"You choose"

the small things turn into the big things


Your little decisions add up

Your choices, each and every one, have a consequence, even your "non-choices"

Make a decision, take a risk

What keeps us stuck is fear, shame and looking back and what happened back then, back there, to determine what and how to move forward

That's in the past, you may not even be in the same position, be the same person. Do not use the past as your compass for making a decision

Do not use fear, shame and what if

your choice is a super power

Whatever happens, you will get something out of it and that something may be even better than you anticipated






Get it Together

One shot to your heart without breaking your skin
No one has the power to hurt you like your kin
Kept it inside, didn't tell no one else
Didn't even wanna admit it to yourself
And now your chest burns and your back aches
From 15 years of holding the pain
And now you only have yourself to blame
If you continue to live this way
Get it together
You wanna heal your body
You have to heal your heart
Whatsoever you sow you will reap
Get it together
India Arie

What I absolutely love about me taking responsibility for my life is that I get to choose how to move forward, I need not depend on anyone to make that choice. This is not to say that I will not require support and a village, it just says that I don't have to outsource my happiness, and my own choices

You see, outsourcing it allows for blame, and blame takes away accountability and responsibility.

Own it

Live it

Feel it

Be responsible and do the work

Watch how your body heals,watch how your relationships heal, watch how you trust in the process rather than trying to control it when you do this simple formula


Unveiling 2017

Elevate your mind free your soul Soul to Soul

Stand guard at the door of your mind was one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received. Watch what you let in to your mind,watch what you let out too

My thoughts I have learnt manifests itself into my life, when I want an idea of what I am thinking I look at my life, and sometimes I smile, I celebrate I say wow and other times I use the famous saying "What on earth were you thinking?"

I do my best to organise my thoughts in a way that works for me, to remind myself that thoughts make things

With that in mind I want to share with you Unveiling 2017. It's free, download it, share it, link it. From me to you


Download Unveiling Here http://www.akosuadardaineedwards.com/publications/

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Your story is inspiring, your delivery is real
— Barbara Ince, President - Maloney Women's Group
The students who attended the function were so inspired by you they want all their friends to be exposed to your story.
— Cherisse Rawlins - Teacher Moruga Secondary
I must thank you for your presentation, many people were blown away by it.
— Sharon Christopher, Dep CEO First Citizens Bank Limited
It was a pleasure hosting you. Your reading from Nyabo (Madam) Why Are You Here? - was both thought provoking and insightful, thank you.
— Consulate General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago - New York
You are an inspiration to us all
— Marlene Charles, YWCA President
I can’t stop telling people about your presentation. You changed my life forever!
— Michele Celestine, Executive Director Heroes Foundation
What an honour and priveledge it was for me and my wife to host you during your stay in Washington DC
— Anthony WJ Phillips-Spencer, Ambassador Extraordinary Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Unveiling was exactly what I needed, thank you.
— Participant at 2017's Unveiling- Looking into the Mirror of Self
Akosua, congratulations and thank you for that fabulous and thoughtful sharing from your book. I did NOTHING for the weekend but read your books. Madam, I found your story telling light and entertaining, true Trini style but DEEP.
— Sandra Ferguson, Agency for Rural Transformation, Grenada W.I
After hearing Ms. Akosua speak, I now know that I am everything and that I have everything to become who I want to be.
— Jenna Marie Bharat, Student- San Juan South Secondary School
Madam Akosua was awe inspiring. Excellent motivational skills. For me as a new retiree her words encourage me to “give back to the village”
— Anthea Doyle
Inspirational for both year groups. Forms 3 and 5. They were at the edge of their seats. prodding them to plan and even when things do not go as planned... to never give up when faced with life’s challenges
— San Juan South Secondary School
She is complete, sincere and true to herself. Akosua relates to you on what is common in all of us, our humanity.
— Odella Jowaheer