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Check Yourself

To end the misery that has afflicted the human condition for thousands of years, you have to start with yourself and take responsibility for your inner state at any given moment. That means now. –Eckhart Tolle 


When you find yourself saying more than more,that it is someone else's fault, or blaming something  or someone else for where you are in life or making external things the reason for you doing or not being able to do something. It is time to check yourself!


When it's never your fault - check yourself!


When you keep telling others that things are just not going to change - check yourself!


When you start saying that the The Universe and Your maker, however you call that person, just does not want you to use your gifts to live a joyous life - check yourself!


When you have done absolutely no work and say that "prayers will work" - check yourself!


When you have no faith in your vision, no faith in yourself - yourself!


People, we have a responsibility. An ability to respond to what is around us!


Constantly coming up with a different reason or excuse when things are not changing - that is living in denial

There is a difference between patience and denial

Patience is doing the work, having the faith and waiting for a result to manifest.

doing the work +having the faith

its goes together


Denial can be doing the same thing over and over and expecting something to change or ignoring doing the work praying that by some magic alone things will change

Check Yourself!

Echart Tolle says your choices can accept it, change it or leave.

If you are doing none of those then chances are you may be blaming, making excuses, living in denial  or doubt. - Check Yourself!


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Shift in Perception

I’m ferocious about it, in the best way. What do I want to do with my one, precious life? What’s important to me? Why will it matter to me? How do I want to feel? What do I have control over—how can I do more of that? Kate Courageous 

The Course in Miacles says ,enlightment is a shift in perception. If you choose to see the material world as your reality then that will be your reality. You will live on that plane. Whatever you choose to believe as your reality will manifest in your life, that is the power that you possess. You co-create with the Universe, and you lead it by your thoughts and belifs, not only your actions. They all must line up!

The Course in Miracles  believes that shifting your perception can lead to shifting your life's experience. I believe it as well and have lived to experience it. 

Moment after moment, the shift my perception, the questioning of core beliefs, the self belief, the self love made my experience of this precious life change. It is definitely not an overnight instant process.

The Universe leads me back to the enlightment by giving me experience and clues when I am vering off course.

The easiest way to so this is to focus on your purpose and mission - if you don't know what your focus and mission is, I implore you to spend some time knowing who you are without any of your labels,  remove any external thing that you identify with. 

When you focus on YOUR life, when you live YOUR best life, you will, trust me,  share, give, teach, learn, receive, give, set boundaries, forgive, let go, be authentic and love. 

When you compare yourself with others, focus on others, accept many beliefs that limit you, there will be suffering., there will be the feeling that something is missing, you will believe that you have to grasp and compete and compare. You will want to attach to a person and place or thing to complete you and make you happy. That's a trap! A set up!

Enlightment is proactive, disciplined, courageous, focused, responsible and a journey.

Many of us do not want to do the work! Fear, comfort zones and attachment prevents us from doing the work

Speak to yourself gently, then listen


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My Responsibility

Tell my doubts that they can die today
Imma catch me a wave, sail away
Can't stop me now
Tell depression it can fly away
Tell my doubts that they can die today
Imma catch me a wave, sail away
Can't stop me now LeCrae

Today is a holiday in the country of my birth- Trinidad  and Tobago. We celerate Emmancipation Day. A holiday declared to celebrate the abolition of slavery on the island. This is the 25th anniversary of this declaration of holiday. People had to fight and convince the leaders of the day that a holiday was essential,the same people who fought for the holiday were riduculed, laughed at and ignored, called mad people! Now 25 years later, this is a holiday, we pay homage to the one's who paved a path for us to live a different life.

I reflect on this day annually. there is usually a big celebration, a huge parade. I have stopped going, people don't understand why. I have never explained. I like to spend the time alone reflecting on this responsibility I have been given by those who came before me

I sometimes get scared, truth be told, what am I really doing with this responsibility to do better, to be better, to honor what those before me did? Am I doing anything?

Those that went before me fought, they sat down and didn't move, they prayed, they worked but most importantly they had a dream, a vision that things will change, that this too shall pass

That is so much inspiration right there for me, inspiration overload!

How do I step into these shoes? It scares th shits out of me, so I stay at home, and reflect

and today I pledge to move even thoughscared, to do the same thing, dream big, visualize better than today and work, pray and move towards that!


I am ready!

Give thanks





You Have The Capacity To See Beyond Where You Are

You have to have the capacity to see beyond where you are

We livein a very mechanistic society that puts us in a fix it mode so we start with the problem, we focus on it then we try to figure out how we can change the problem so all of our attention goes to the problem.

You want to getsomewhere?


You can’t have all your attention on the problem - Deborah L Johnson

Since the US Election last November it seems like the focus is on the negative and the fear and the disbelief that came along with the fact that the US has a new President. My friends  many of who live in the US has expressed their shock and disbelief. I myself, when I heard the news, could not believe it, I remember the moment I heard I was in London Heathrow checking in for a flight to Nairobi, it was the talk of the day.

I said then and continue to say it, that it is a giant wake up call with the loudest alarm that takes no snooze. 

It became apparent to me again after hearing about the withdrawal of the US from the Climate Change agreement this week. And then it hit me, why do we wait on so called leaders to do something when we can do something, anything ourselves

Rather than moan about it ad nausea what can I do to be responsible about protecting the planet?  Can I compost? Can I use less or no plastic bags? Can I recycle? There must be something  within my own power that I can do to ensure that I respect and honor where I live on planet Earth?

These actions do not call for any signing of agreements by any world leaders

Come on people, let us recognise that we really do have the power

Do something!

Because every little action adds up

Start where you are with what you have



No Judgements, No Guilt, Only Full Responsibility

Honestly! If you’re failing a couple of times, you are not doing something right. You know, it’s like, what is life but risk? The only way to make great things is to actually take risk. We should all feel more comfortable with failure.” Bozoma Saint John

I've made peace with the fact that there may be some things that I will fail at, the thought of failing no longer sends me into a tail spin of depression and comparison. It's just life, how absolutely freeing! It's freedom I tell you

Me re framing the idea that in giving my all to something with faith and hard work and it turns out differently made ME a failure! Its only feedback saying do something else, do something different, check the lessons and be fully present.

But we want to prove people and maybe ourselves right, we misinterpret perseverance and persistence with proving people wrong and being embarrassed and "shame"

No shame in my game when I pay attention to the signs and to the feedback

The whole perfection thing, totally overrated and stressful

No judgments, no guilt, only full responsibility


Your story is inspiring, your delivery is real
— Barbara Ince, President - Maloney Women's Group
The students who attended the function were so inspired by you they want all their friends to be exposed to your story.
— Cherisse Rawlins - Teacher Moruga Secondary
I must thank you for your presentation, many people were blown away by it.
— Sharon Christopher, Dep CEO First Citizens Bank Limited
It was a pleasure hosting you. Your reading from Nyabo (Madam) Why Are You Here? - was both thought provoking and insightful, thank you.
— Consulate General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago - New York
You are an inspiration to us all
— Marlene Charles, YWCA President
I can’t stop telling people about your presentation. You changed my life forever!
— Michele Celestine, Executive Director Heroes Foundation
What an honour and priveledge it was for me and my wife to host you during your stay in Washington DC
— Anthony WJ Phillips-Spencer, Ambassador Extraordinary Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Unveiling was exactly what I needed, thank you.
— Participant at 2017's Unveiling- Looking into the Mirror of Self
Akosua, congratulations and thank you for that fabulous and thoughtful sharing from your book. I did NOTHING for the weekend but read your books. Madam, I found your story telling light and entertaining, true Trini style but DEEP.
— Sandra Ferguson, Agency for Rural Transformation, Grenada W.I
After hearing Ms. Akosua speak, I now know that I am everything and that I have everything to become who I want to be.
— Jenna Marie Bharat, Student- San Juan South Secondary School
Madam Akosua was awe inspiring. Excellent motivational skills. For me as a new retiree her words encourage me to “give back to the village”
— Anthea Doyle
Inspirational for both year groups. Forms 3 and 5. They were at the edge of their seats. prodding them to plan and even when things do not go as planned... to never give up when faced with life’s challenges
— San Juan South Secondary School
She is complete, sincere and true to herself. Akosua relates to you on what is common in all of us, our humanity.
— Odella Jowaheer