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Fly High Toni

1. Whatever the work is, do it well—not for the boss but for yourself 2. You make the job; it doesn’t make you 3. Your real life is with us, your family 4. You are not the work you do; you are the person you are Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison made me want to read more. In fact, she made me want to read period. When I first picked up the book The Bluest Eye, I was captivated by it, I did not understand it at first, and so wanted to. I sat with it for a long time and concluded that I must read more. I just read more and more books, which I think literally saved me.

Toni Morrison made me want to be brave, the things she said were so bold and audacious. I thought that this is a woman who I can pattern after if only, if only, I was brave enough. When I read her story I realised, I could be brave enough to, I would just have to believe in myself.

Toni Morrison made me write, indirectly. I think the influence of reading her books, seeing some of myself in the stories and feeling pride in it sparked something in me about self love, self belief and courage.

Toni Morrison has left us gifts, she has left the world all these gifts

I want to honour her by also leaving gifts for those who are coming behind me. By being courageous, believing in myself and showing up real.

Thank you Toni

May you R.I.P


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When You Believe Something, You have made it true for you

“When you believe something, you have made it true for you.”  When we try to hold opposing thought systems as both true, our mind becomes split, conflicted and confused. ACIM

What do you believe?

What do you believe about you?

What do you believe about the world?

What do you believe about YOUR world?

If you don't know what you believe, look at your actions, look at your life

Your actions and your life reflect your beliefs

and the beautiful thing about this is if you can acknowledge that then you are on your way to peace

If you acknowledge and accept that your beliefs are working, then you can enjoy the moment, you can take the gifts and lessons into a new adventure, you can share.

If you can acknowledge and accept that your beliefs are not working, you can make movements to replace those beliefs with ones that work. Not working means - you are not living a peaceful life.

Your beliefs are true for you. and therefore you will live from that space

What do you believe?


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It Takes A Village

A family is a patchwork of individuals tied together by heartstrings - Kav L'Noar

In everything I do, I am blessed and ever so grateful to have a village surrounding me. I have learnt that we cannot do everything alone, that there is a time and place for everything.

A time to give and a time to receive.

We have to learn when is the time for both and move accordingly.

The NiNa Programme is no different, the village of Pat and Avinash surround me making this journey so much richer and rewarding.

On 23rd July  2019, we have another opportunity to interact with young ladies who always show up and teach me about unconditional love, the power in respecting others and that non judgement has an impact on decisions made.

It is never an easy road hoping on the Journey however, knowing that there is a Village is worth the trip.

I Give Thanks



  • § NiNa is a programme targeting young ladies between the ages of 15 to 18 who reside at the St Jude’s Home for Girls. - A Care Home Operated by the State.

  • § NiNa promotes mentorship with young ladies within the care system

  • § Born out of a need to provide support to young ladies who are part of the care system through either being given up for adoption, through the court system or any other method.

  • § Forerunner for the use of Entrepreneurship skills as an empowerment tool

  • § A week long residential programme held annually with monthly mentorship activities

  • § Transition space for young ladies leaving the care system at the age of eighteen (18)

  • § A self-sustainable programme which can provide training and employment for young ladies in transition out of the care system

To support us, please contact us 


Check out the We Lead PowHerful Conference - I will be there


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The Mirror is Your Friend

Essentially, the bottom line cause of break-ups and divorce is when one or both of the partners can no longer stand to see themselves in the other person. Dr Edrica Richardson

I continue to be fascinated by the concept that all of my relationships are mirrors, the good and the not so good within my personality is reflected back to me through the people that I have in my life, the people I like and the ones that I a have challenge liking. The reflections that I have difficulty in accepting are the things that show me where I need to grow, heal, release judgement and let go.

It makes perfect sense to me now that I feel so angry, helpless and sometimes even guilty when I don;t fancy someone.  The anger and such shows that I am really feeling that way about myself, I am having difficulty with the reflection. 

Now I can say that the mirror is really showing me where I have open wounds or unresolved issues. How marvellous is that, how wonderful it is to know when  people who frustrate us or make us unhappy leave our lives it usually means that the would is healed?

If we look at it that way then it makes the pain a little easier to bear.

The mirrors also show us our beliefs, some of which are harmful to us. We have all acquired certain beliefs throughout our lifetime that cause us to react and act in certain habitual ways that either support us or don't. 

The problem is that you did not consciously choose many (if not any) of those beliefs that govern your experiences and relationships at the subconscious level. Instead, your beliefs were, unbeknown to you, handed to you by society, the media, your parents and your friends. There are also those beliefs that came part and parcel with your culture and upbringing, and the stricter your culture in the area of relationships, the more ingrained those specific beliefs. 

Since your relationships are based on those beliefs, your experiences only prove to re-enforce them for you, thereby creating something of a virtuous or vicious cycle depending on whether your beliefs support a healthy and balanced relationship or not.

Now that I have learnt about mirrors I can now pay attention to how I treat myself, when I do this the people around me will reflect that.

I can also reduce the judgement that I  hold about others within my circle and those outside.


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Are You Paying Attention to the Signs Your Life is Showing You?

Your life is always speaking to you - Oprah Winfrey

Your life is always telling you something. It may not be in words. We all know that communication may be without words. How many times do you get goosebumps totally out of the blue? That is life telling you something

How many times have you felt so peaceful in a strange space? That is life speaking to you

How many times have you had unexplained migranes, or some type of sickness? That  is your life speaking to you

There is an old saying "if you don't hear you will feel" Your life will throw up signs to you to get you to pay attention

When life wants your attention it will get it. 

If you ignore life, it will continue to communicate with you.

Take the time to pay attention and listen to the signs.

Be a good listener 


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My Worth is Not Attached To What I Do

You work from sunup to sundown, afraid to stop, afraid to lose your worth in the eyes of others. But more important, you are afraid that the moment you stop doing, you will lose the worth and value you have placed on yourself. It is this, do- more -better- faster approach to living that leads to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalance - Iyanla


I have heard about this term "Work-Life Balance"

The term became popular because we became a society that work more than anything else, we put work above it all because we believed it allowed us to live better lives. A bit of wrong sided logic.

I have learnt that without balance, the scales are tipped, and usually not in your favour.

I have also learnt that when one is doing something with purpose and intention the balance is automatically built in.

Consider this, if you love yourself and is moving on purpose, you will make it your business to rest, you will be having fun and you will be grateful for the little things, you will make it your business to have fun, to rest, to play, to exercise, to be.

It is built it

As opposed to when the work is just to survive and pay the bills and more importantly to prove your worth to others

If you are working to prove your worth to others, to pay for the things you believe will signify that you have "made it" and your worth is tied to what you do, what you earn and who you know, there can never ever be balance

You will continue to search for that validation and worth from work

Balance does not require you to do anything better or faster than anyone else, it does not require you to compare your life to others

It requires that you make aconscious effort to be,to do, to rest, to work, to play and be present in those moments while you are doing it.


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Self Confidence Redefined

You must maintain unwavering faith that you can and will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties, AND at the same time, have the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be. James Collins

The Make Muse Magazine provided me the opportunity to share lessons on the Journey on Self Confidence. I defined or redefined it how I believed it to be

Self Confidence redefined as:

  1. Knowing that there is no one way to do anything – looking at alternative methods of achieving, doing and living.
  2.  Failing forward – using failure as feedback rather than a reason to stop.
  3.  Listening to their Intuition and being guided by it despite how it looks or sounds to others.
  4.  Being nudged by the messages received through intuition even if it makes absolutely no sense!
  5. Using non-traditional financing methods – women entrepreneurs are masters of this. On many occasions, traditional financing institutions either flatly refuse to extend credit, or believe the risk is too high to invest and choose to not extend financing. Because of these and many other circumstances women are not able to access credit, venture capital funding and loans. Women find a way to fund their enterprises despite these challenges.
  6.  Using non-traditional partners and allies – corporation over competition. Rather than compete in the traditional sense, there is more of a thrust to work with those already existing in the space.
  7. Believing that there is always a way through no matter how it looks.
  8. Sharing the vision openly – the ability to share the vision without fear and reservation. Everyone involved is given a clear picture of what the vision is, what the goal is. It is easily and simply communicated.
  9.  Being open to sharing, being passionate and most importantly being authentic.
  10. Expressing all their feelings without fear or favor

Read the full article here

Self Confidence Redefined


Almost Everything Starts Small

Everything you eventually do in your life happens because of tiny moments. But for some reason, when it comes to creating your future, tiny is no longer acceptable. Maxie McCoy

Start small. 

Start small and build.

Start small and believe.

Start small and know

because planting seeds take time, it takes patience and it takes doing the work.

How many times have we started:

  • the diet
  • the book
  • the business
  • the relationship
  • the project
  • the programme
  • the friendship

and we want it to be grand immediately? We want immediate results!

The diet is one week old, no weight is falling off- you stop!

The business plan is just finished - the profits are low or non existent- you stop!

How many times we put a time limit on our growth?

It must be done by a particular time,

Yes, we have learnt about goals being clear and time bound. However, there are times when our timing is layered with doubt and anxiety, with people pleasing, with guilt. If that is the case then what happens is any progress can be looked at as not enough, as too small, as slow!

We don't want to be in that moment where there is growth, where there is discomfort because there is nothing to show for it. Nothing to show others. 

When we tell others we are doing something or declare it to the world and they ask how is it going - there is nothing concrete to show.

It takes 9 months before the baby comes

The oak tree takes a while

short crops takes a short while

Trust the processs

Maybe hush a little bit and just do the work

Keep doing the small tasks as they add up

and believe


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Check Yourself

To end the misery that has afflicted the human condition for thousands of years, you have to start with yourself and take responsibility for your inner state at any given moment. That means now. –Eckhart Tolle 


When you find yourself saying more than more,that it is someone else's fault, or blaming something  or someone else for where you are in life or making external things the reason for you doing or not being able to do something. It is time to check yourself!


When it's never your fault - check yourself!


When you keep telling others that things are just not going to change - check yourself!


When you start saying that the The Universe and Your maker, however you call that person, just does not want you to use your gifts to live a joyous life - check yourself!


When you have done absolutely no work and say that "prayers will work" - check yourself!


When you have no faith in your vision, no faith in yourself - yourself!


People, we have a responsibility. An ability to respond to what is around us!


Constantly coming up with a different reason or excuse when things are not changing - that is living in denial

There is a difference between patience and denial

Patience is doing the work, having the faith and waiting for a result to manifest.

doing the work +having the faith

its goes together


Denial can be doing the same thing over and over and expecting something to change or ignoring doing the work praying that by some magic alone things will change

Check Yourself!

Echart Tolle says your choices can accept it, change it or leave.

If you are doing none of those then chances are you may be blaming, making excuses, living in denial  or doubt. - Check Yourself!


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Work with Them to Gain Wisdom

We are suppose to learn from our negative emotions.

Get to the root of the issue and transmute the energy into discernment and action. What do you need to do?

If we ignore our negative emotions by suppressing them deep into our subconscious minds or we continue to feed them with negative mind chatter, blame and victim consciousness - we will create our own personal hells on Earth, our own states of hell consciousness, and then we will attempt to drag everyone down with us.

Negative emotions are alarm bells. They are warning signs for us to generate change. Wake up and be conscious of your own negative emotions and work with them to gain wisdom. Then you can tap into a higher level of discernment where you can utilize the strength of your inner will to release any attachments that may no longer serve your highest good. -Sabrina

A combination of suppressing  our negative emotions and not being conscious of our thoughts is really not a very good idea!

I'm just sayin'!

Find a way to express them  - in a healthy way, of course.

Find a way to learn from them. 

Get the wisdom.

Get the lesson.

Do you know who and what are your tests and triggers?

Who gets you mad as soon as they open their mouths?

When you watch the news what do you find yourself swearing at on the screen?

What triggers you to act a fool? To say after your actions - Damm I really ought to have known better. Or to swallow your pride and apologize.

What pisses you off?

I know who and what are mine. (yes I said who!, some people push my buttons, I ain't scared to confess!)

I started paying attention to my triggers.

I keep asking "what are you here to show me? to teach me? 

What can I learn from this? do I want to be this person? 

What needs  healing and attention?

Trust me, I am no enlightened master, sometimes I just get mad vex and buss a cuss or two silently under my breath or I vent with some of my friends (bless em for being so kind and patient) then I go back to asking myself the questions and pray that this reaction becomes less and less the norm.

Attachment of how "it is supposed to be" is one of our biggest challenges but I have learnt when we let go, keep an open mind, the result is astounding.

This is not saying do not have goals, visions, vision boards, these tools on the Journey help to move you to possibility thinking, to cultivate the seeds in your mind, to be receptive to more, to another way.

Do not get attached to the idea of what you think it is supposed to be, you really do not know.

The journey requires it for the adventure to be enjoyed


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Always Live Within The Question

The question! The question! Always live

within the question!"  It is when you think you have

all the answers that expansion ends, growth stops, and

your arrogance begins. Neale Donald Walsh

I was told that, in certain scenarios, I ask a lot of questions, and uncomfortable ones as well. 

Trust me, that is really never my intention, I ask questions  for  clarity - I believe in the Four Agreements made popular Don Miguel Ruiz.One of the Agreements, is do not assume, find the courage to ask the questions.

And for me, finding courage to ask questions was huge as the irony is, my friends who know me from a very long time gave me the name "I did not ask" 

We would be chatting away and they would ask me about something and my response would be "I did not ask". It became a huge inside joke. 

Now, the sentiment is that I ask too many questions!

I like asking questions, I learn more and I have more information and I am clear. 

Decision making improves all round.

I have noticed though, that people get very testy when I ask certain questions, some even get annoyed enough to preface our conversations with "please ask no questions, or please do not ask me to many hard questions" 

I have learnt to deal with these requests more graciously with time.

This week, a friend of mine made a request for a favour. I asked a few questions and she said this to me "I do not have all the answers, you do ask a lot of questions, but what I realise when I calm down is in answering them or thinking about them, I get more clarity or I find the answer somewhere" 

I smiled like I ate a hot homemade coconut bake straight out of the oven!

because I found the courage to ask,I am getting more compassionate in my approach and my intention was realised.

Lessons and More Lessons


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The Law of Healing

Guilt asks for punishment, and its request is granted. ACIM


Where fear exists in your life it can manifest itself as a blockage in relevant parts of your physical body. This fear may come from this life-time or past/parallel lifetimes. This blockage is restricting the flow of energy from performing at its maximum efficiency. When the circulation of your life force energy is restricted you feel imbalanced, out of sorts, ill, sick, sore, painful, incapable, non-functioning, near death. These blockages cause ill at ease feelings, dis-ease, disease, and possibly death.

Fear unresolved manifests as illness. Your thoughts create your reality. If you think you are sick, you become sick and remain sick. Your healing comes from love manifested as light. Your unconditional love of yourself prevents illness, alternatively, kick-starts your healing process by replacing fear with love. Your healing light, or the healing light brought from someone else, is stronger in its vibrational frequency than the illness, the blockage, caused from fear, which has a low vibrational frequency. This higher vibrational frequency obliterates the lower vibrational frequency.

Identify your fears, face them head on, but have “only love” as your weapon to defeat these fears. Stand in your integrity; say “What would Love do now?” Act and facing fears – do it – and watch these fears dissolve in the light of truth and love.

Pain is required for your healing, growth and evolvement. Pain is part of the process of healing. It identifies the blockage. It is intensified when the blockage is dissolved or removed and the absence of that pain tells you that you are healed. Come only from love, create the light of higher vibrational frequency, face your fears while standing in your integrity and see these fears dissolve, feel pain free and have an attitude of gratitude. Now count your blessings in appreciation, gratitude and in unconditional self love for your new found health. Believe you are healed. Believing is Seeing!


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Easy Ecuador - Day 4

In the twenty-first century, the power is with the people - Iyanla

I ran to the beach at 630am, there was no one around, I had the entire beach to myself! Power

I took a taxi to the fishing village and did the whole pick my fish took it to the lady to cook it while I waited patiently - Power

I then booked a tour to the "poor man Galpagos islands" - Power

I returned to meet and greet some Polish people who decided that their lives were reduced to work work work and more work and then decided to travel for a year and live life spontaneously - Power to the People

What do you define as power? Is it money and status? maybe your job? Whatever is your definition I hope it makes you feel good and of course, powerful

My definition of power is the freedom to do what I love, to have the ability to choose, to do what makes me happy despite the odds

to know and use my ability to create, to create my life, using my thoughts, words and deeds

Power to the People



I Surrender Control

I surrender control, fear of control, lack of control, the need to control and all issues related to control at their deepest root and cause, in my mind, heart, life, and in the world.
I declare they be exposed and eliminated under grace. 
 I surrender attachment to all outcomes that I imagine, demand, fear, require and attempt to control. Iyanla Vanzant

At the beginning of every month I write down what my desired feelings for the month are (usually they are the same, love, contentment, abundance, authenticity, service) then from that I do a check in list which details what are some of the things that I want to come out of those desires (usually they are the same too! I am seeing a pattern here, anyways I digress - get 2 speaking gigs and do my absolute bestest when I am given the opportunity, reduce my debts, and so on)

Lately I have been noticing that these desires are now becoming lists - and I have started getting pretty anxious and sometimes a little under the weather when at the beginning of the following month I review 

I start reading and I realise - okay  I did not do this, nor this, nor this, nor this NOOOOOOO!!! What is really going on?

So for December I have gone back to the basics - How do I want to feel? Do you know we get things to feel a certain way and we can have the feelings most ime without the "things" because it is all inside us?

I focused on how I want to control the outcomes - I am a secret control freak!! who knew??

Control is one of the highest forms of addiction in the world- we want to know! We want to look good, we want praise, we don't want to be hurt! Control cannot solve this! Do the work, do what is required, be open honest and authentic, have faith then let it go

Kyle D Jones, someone I respect a whole lot has a theory that not healing childhood woulds contributes to the feeling that we need to be in control, if we were not protected or did not feel totally loved and cared for during our childhood we resort to protecting ourselves - fair enough! and sometimes this spills over as wanting to be in control, no matter what the consequences are. 

So, what do we do? We know and trust that we are protected, we are loved, we have done the work, we have put in the shift and whatever happens after we will handle it- as part of the wonderful Journey called Life



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Do You Have Any Holiday Rituals?

Get to know yourselves

We spend time looking outside of ourselves to tell us who WE are, Take time to know who you areIyanla Vanzant

A very cool lady that I have the previledge of knowing asked me why do I go away and spend time alone over the holidays. The way she asked it I received it with such care and love, there was no judgement attached nor did it felt that she thought I was strange for doing it. For the first time I did not start off answering by being defensive and feeling that I had to justify why I do it.

And what I came up with is - spending time with myself ususally quietly impacts how I live my life that upcoming year, it assists in me getting to know me- what works , what did not work, it gives me time to self correct and self forgive. Christmas time always seemed to me growing up t be such a busy time, lots happening at home, there was always the expectation of paining the house, varnishing the chairs, getting new curtains, people invading the house, cooking. I craved quiet. There were times I would go to my room and stay there and all hell would break loose- y folks would come upstairs and demand that I come downstairs, that I stop the anti-social behaviour and stop embarrassing them. So I would go downstairs as requested. Showing up, sitting around the table listening to the stories and watching the action happening.

As I grew up, I decided that I would decide whether I would want to be around a ton load of people for the holiday season or not and did that a few times. What works for me is taking that quiet time to reflect and reboot

I really enjoy being in a quiet spot to recharge my batteries

This year will be no different I am mixing some quiet time with some learning

What are some of your holiday rituals?


You Deserve......

We really do think that too much joy is threatening and dangerous. We value our suspicions. We cherish our defenses. We're afraid of simply opening up to joy. So, quite unconsciously most of the time, we request unhappiness. We choose not to be peaceful. ACIM

Have you ever thought to yourself sometimes " This is too good to be true?" and all of a sudden things start going sour, they plummet South. Did you ever think that unconsciously you may be in your own way, blocking your own growth and blessings? punishing yourself for some thing that you have not dealt with or healed that you feel guilty about?

That sounds crazy doesn't it?

Why would we punish our own self? Block our own blessings? Get in our own way?

I say it is simply a case of not believing we deserve it. There can be many reasons that lead to that belief 

The lesson explains that I can be confused about what I want; that I can think pain is pleasure, or that joy is threatening. The latter is perhaps a little easier to understand since it is a common experience. Haven't you ever had the thought "This is too good to last"? Or perhaps you've found yourself very happy in a relationship and suddenly getting afraid of it because some part of you is nearly certain that if you keep your guard down you're going to get smacked good. I had a friend who somehow entered a very high and totally joyful state of mind and was there for nearly three weeks until she started thinking, "This is wonderful. I love everybody, I have no fear of anything, but if I live like this in the world I'm going to get crucified. Maybe I'm not enlightened; maybe I'm just insane." So she lost the joy, and it never came back in quite the same way.

We really do think that too much joy is threatening and dangerous. We value our suspicions. We cherish our defenses. We're afraid of simply opening up to joy. So, quite unconsciously most of the time, we request unhappiness. We choose not to be peaceful.

I have consciously been paying attention and started talking to myself "I choose differently" "I want to see this differently" "Let me choose again" making this a mantra

It brings me to the point of NOW, to remember that I deserve joy, I deserve a life filled with love and laughter and sometimes going through the fire with an open mind leads me there


Your story is inspiring, your delivery is real
— Barbara Ince, President - Maloney Women's Group
The students who attended the function were so inspired by you they want all their friends to be exposed to your story.
— Cherisse Rawlins - Teacher Moruga Secondary
I must thank you for your presentation, many people were blown away by it.
— Sharon Christopher, Dep CEO First Citizens Bank Limited
It was a pleasure hosting you. Your reading from Nyabo (Madam) Why Are You Here? - was both thought provoking and insightful, thank you.
— Consulate General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago - New York
You are an inspiration to us all
— Marlene Charles, YWCA President
I can’t stop telling people about your presentation. You changed my life forever!
— Michele Celestine, Executive Director Heroes Foundation
What an honour and priveledge it was for me and my wife to host you during your stay in Washington DC
— Anthony WJ Phillips-Spencer, Ambassador Extraordinary Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Unveiling was exactly what I needed, thank you.
— Participant at 2017's Unveiling- Looking into the Mirror of Self
Akosua, congratulations and thank you for that fabulous and thoughtful sharing from your book. I did NOTHING for the weekend but read your books. Madam, I found your story telling light and entertaining, true Trini style but DEEP.
— Sandra Ferguson, Agency for Rural Transformation, Grenada W.I
After hearing Ms. Akosua speak, I now know that I am everything and that I have everything to become who I want to be.
— Jenna Marie Bharat, Student- San Juan South Secondary School
Madam Akosua was awe inspiring. Excellent motivational skills. For me as a new retiree her words encourage me to “give back to the village”
— Anthea Doyle
Inspirational for both year groups. Forms 3 and 5. They were at the edge of their seats. prodding them to plan and even when things do not go as planned... to never give up when faced with life’s challenges
— San Juan South Secondary School
She is complete, sincere and true to herself. Akosua relates to you on what is common in all of us, our humanity.
— Odella Jowaheer