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The Ten Commandments for the New Millienium

I am now receptive to the idea that...some things never grow old. They just get better and go deeper.

The Ten Commandments for the New Millennium

1. Thou shalt make it your business to get in touch with God first each day.

2. Thou shalt remember to pray for your mother and father as soon as you are finished praying for yourself.

3. Thou shalt honor thyself enough not to take things that do not belong to you, and this includes other people's people.

4. Thou shalt refrain from telling someone something about somebody until you have told that somebody to their face.

5. Thou shalt refrain from saying anything to anybody that you would be ashamed or afraid to say to God, to God's face.

6. Thou shalt do no less than two good things for yourself each day.

7. Thou shalt do one good thing for another each day.

8. Thou shalt confine all whining, complaining and criticizing to every other Wednesday, between the hours of 2:00am and 3:30am, when the moon is full. When the moon is not full, oh well, thou shalt wait until it is.

9. Thou shalt live fully, or thou shalt not. This choice is yours.

10. Thou shalt believe the best about everything and everyone until you have concrete evidence from God to the contrary.

Until today, you may have believed the old ways and the old laws did not apply to your life today. Just for today, apply each of these commandments to every aspect of your life.

Today I am devoted to applying the old-millennium laws to the new-millennium conditions in my life! ~~Iyanla Vanzant, "Until Today



You have positively influenced the lives of many today. God will do the rest to take them where he chooses
— Jennifer Prince Professor University of the Southern Caribbean
The students who attended the function were so inspired by you they want all their friends to be exposed to your story
— Cherisse Rawlins - Teacher Moruga Secondary
I must thank you for your presentation, many people were blown away by it
— Sharon Christopher Dep CEO First Citizens Bank Limited
It was a pleasure hosting you. Your reading from Nyabo (Madam) Why Are You Here? was both thought provoking and insightful- thank you
— Consulate General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago - New York
You are an inspiration to us all
— Marlene Charles YWCA President
I can’t stop telling people about your presentation. You changed my life forever!
— Michele Celestine, Executive Director Heroes Foundation
What an honour and priveledge it was for me and my wife to host you during your stay in Washington DC
— Anthony WJ Phillips-Spencer, Ambassador Extraordinary Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago