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[What did I learn today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love] Feel them, it helps

It's a waste of time to blame external circumstances or people.Idillinaire

Many of the teachings of the Course in Miracles(ACIM) resonate with me, the
concept of being responsible for my life, of not focusing on guilt, of
feeling all my feelings and that sickness starts with the mind have helped
me tremendously on my journey thus far. Feelings buried alive never die, they fester, and just like a wound that
festers it can pollute your entire system.

Sabrina Reber says that our feelings contain valuable information and
connect us to our intuition and truth. Feelings are the language of the
soul! When we suppress our feelings we suppress our connection to our soul.
We create filters and barriers between our physical being and our spiritual
being interfering with our own source of divine guidance and intelligence
that guides us to manifest the best possible outcome in our lives. Our
feelings also disclose lessons we need to learn and insight into our souls
contract for this lifetime.

When we ignore, run from and judge our feelings it results in certain types
of illness, that is a bonafide truth that I have learnt- most times the
hard way

According to the book "How to Raise Your Vibration" , Negative feelings
left unaddressed get stuck in our energy body creating a foggy energy field
that lowers our vibration and blocks our intuition. Unprocessed feelings
become distortions that also lead to illness and dis-ease. When we ignore
our feelings, because we don't want to feel the pain, we stuff them in our
energy fields where they begin to fester. Eventually, our denied feelings
move into the physical body and announce themselves as an imbalance,
illness, pain, virus or disease. When we are connected to our feelings and
allow ourselves to fully process through them so we can release them, we
become a clear vessel fully connected to the guidance of our soul and
spirit. When we block, stuff or ignore our feelings our body will respond
with a pain or symptom and let us know when we are out of alignment with
our truth. Feelings are core sensations in the BODY; they are not created
out of the MIND.

Feelings are felt in the body and they are warning signs for us to
acknowledge that something within our being needs to be addressed. The body
never lies. It is always giving us warning signs…if we would only listen!
We have a pill for every ailment: anxiety, high blood pressure,
indigestion, depression even restless leg syndrome. We like to treat the
symptom and avoid the root cause of the dis-ease while the body
continuously tries to get our attention prompting us to recognize that
something within our being needs to be addressed.

Once we allow our feelings to rise to the surface to be felt and fully
experienced, we can then use our awareness to consciously shift our
feelings one vibration, one frequency, one thought and one emotion at a
time. It is our responsibility to become aware of our feelings and to
recognize that our feelings do affect the whole of humanity.

Feel them Peace

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Your story is inspiring, your delivery is real
— Barbara Ince, President - Maloney Women's Group
The students who attended the function were so inspired by you they want all their friends to be exposed to your story.
— Cherisse Rawlins - Teacher Moruga Secondary
I must thank you for your presentation, many people were blown away by it.
— Sharon Christopher, Dep CEO First Citizens Bank Limited
It was a pleasure hosting you. Your reading from Nyabo (Madam) Why Are You Here? - was both thought provoking and insightful, thank you.
— Consulate General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago - New York
You are an inspiration to us all
— Marlene Charles, YWCA President
I can’t stop telling people about your presentation. You changed my life forever!
— Michele Celestine, Executive Director Heroes Foundation
What an honour and priveledge it was for me and my wife to host you during your stay in Washington DC
— Anthony WJ Phillips-Spencer, Ambassador Extraordinary Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Unveiling was exactly what I needed, thank you.
— Participant at 2017's Unveiling- Looking into the Mirror of Self
Akosua, congratulations and thank you for that fabulous and thoughtful sharing from your book. I did NOTHING for the weekend but read your books. Madam, I found your story telling light and entertaining, true Trini style but DEEP.
— Sandra Ferguson, Agency for Rural Transformation, Grenada W.I
After hearing Ms. Akosua speak, I now know that I am everything and that I have everything to become who I want to be.
— Jenna Marie Bharat, Student- San Juan South Secondary School
Madam Akosua was awe inspiring. Excellent motivational skills. For me as a new retiree her words encourage me to “give back to the village”
— Anthea Doyle
Inspirational for both year groups. Forms 3 and 5. They were at the edge of their seats. prodding them to plan and even when things do not go as planned... to never give up when faced with life’s challenges
— San Juan South Secondary School
She is complete, sincere and true to herself. Akosua relates to you on what is common in all of us, our humanity.
— Odella Jowaheer